Free Trial

The free demo version has the same features as the full Combined version of ODEON. Use it to learn acoustics, create soundscapes, build array loudspeakers or test how to make geometry modelling for use in ODEON. Only restriction is that you cannot simulate acoustics in other rooms than those included in the free trial and that measurement results are only displayed for the 1000 Hz band.

ODEON Installation
& Updates

On this page you can download the newest installation files for ODEON version 14 and the newest updates and patches for version 9.xx, 10.xx, 11.xx, 13.xx and 14.xx. Be sure to select the Edition and Version supported by your licensed dongle.

SketchUp plugin

Download the SU2ODEON plug-in for Trimble Sketch-up. It is the best and most efficient way to create room models for ODEON and manage them.

Room models

ODEON models made available so you can use them for investigations e.g. comparisons with your own projects.

Anechoic recordings

For creation of auralisations, multisource auralisations and soundscapes, this page present some anechoic recording. If you have some interesting recordings to share, we would be very glad to receive them. Please contact Odeon A/S.


It is easy to import a list of absorption coefficient from material manufacturer if the manufacturer has such datasheet available. It is our goal to collect links to manufacturers with these kind of datasheets readymade for import in ODEON. If a datasheet is not available from manufacturer you can learn how to create a datasheet yourself and how to use it as input for the ODEON material library.


In order to descripe the exact kind of head and ears, you need the Data for the Head Related Transfer.

Directivity files

Loudspeaker directivities for ODEON are available as CF2 or CF1 files at But also natural source directivity files can have a considerable effect on the ODEON Simulation. Some .SO8 directivity files are available for download on this page.

Free exercise

The free exercise on auditorium acoustics has previously been used for teaching master level students. The exercise can be used with the free trial and all interested teachers are very welcome to download the free trial to several computers and use this exercise for teaching.

ODEON manual

The technical manual for the latest Version of ODEON, includes some short guided tours for different Edition. You can also press F1 to get context sensitive help from the software.

GIF Animation

The Free ODEON GIF animation workshop can be used for al sorts of presentation of the visual acoustics in ODEON or GIF animations in general. See some examples in some of the applications.