Odeon version 7

Odeon 7.0 was an improvement on a number of points. The major new enhancements are listed below.

Odeon Extrusion modeler

Odeon Extrusion Modeler is included with the Odeon program. The Extrusion Modeler is a program which allow you to create so called extruded geometries in a graphical environment.

ODEON GIF Animation Workshop

The ODEON GIF Animation Workshop is an image editing program, which allows editing of the GIF animations created from within ODEON, e.g. removing or adding frames, changing the time individual frames are displayed etc. The 3DBilliard 'figure' below is a tiny example of a GIF animation created in Odeon.

3DBilliard improved

The 3DBillard display has been improved, double buffering enhances the speed of display update as well as the visual quality. Different colours are assigned to the billiard balls depending on their reflection order, making this utility more informative.

Multi surface source

(Industrial and Combined editions only)

The multi surface source is an extension to the surface source. This source makes it easy to define a source which radiates from more than one surface. The typical case being one multi surface source radiating its power from 5 surfaces (upper part of a box). The use of this source type decreases the time needed in order to model surface sources, because Odeon automatically estimates the energy radiated by each individual surface of the multi surface source, taking into account the total source energy and the area's of the surfaces. The calculation time is also decreased.

Modeling language

The ElevSurf2 statement is an improvement to the ElevSurf statement which as an option includes bottom and top.

New debugging facilities has been added to assist in building geometries, using the parametric modeling language. The DebugIsOn and Debug keywords enables investigation of the values assigned to various parameters in a parametric model file when a geometry is loaded into Odeon.

DXF import

The import facility has been greatly enhanced on several points;

Support for more types of CAD entities.

Improved error checking removes redundant surfaces and points. Improved glue algorithm makes geometries more visual appealing, decreases calculation time and the speed of the import process itself has been heavily improved.

Auralization over loudspeakers; Ambisonics, BFormat and Surround

(Auditorium and Combined editions)

Support for auralization over loudspeakers has been build into ODEON. The implementation is based on the Ambinsonics /BFormat technology, and Odeon currently supports the following outputs:

BFormatted results

For users with the skills and will; BFormat'ed 1st order or 2nd impulse responses as well as the convolved results (multiple tracks allowed) stored in wave files are available. These results requires that an external decoder and is only for the user who intends to use a considerable amount of time on the subject (e.g. to develop own decoders or invent new decoding techniques), for users with more modest requierements the build-in surround decoder may be sufficient;

Surround formatted results

Odeon 7 includes a built-in Ambisonics decoder, which decode calculated BFormat results into a format which allows direct playback on a 'standard surround sound - sound card'. All the technical details is handled by Odeon, just specify the loudspeaker positions of the playback system (once), calculate the results and listen.

Finding a surface

The 3DView and the MaterialList/3DMaterials display allows investigation /selection of a surface by clicking the mouse.