Free demo version

The ODEON free demo version is an executable which will allow you to try all the facilities available in the ODEON room acoustics simulation and measuring software, using the geometries supplied with the demo.

 The demo allows to define new sources and receivers, to change material data (absorption, scattering, transmission), receiver positions, source positions, loudspeaker directivities or anechoic sound recordings to create a unique acoustic environment and to view result and indeed to listen to the acoustics in the supplied rooms.

Limitations to the demo version

*  The free demo version does not allow working with new/own geometries, however it does permit importing geometry and display it in 3D view mode in order to verify that your CAD files (.dxf, .3ds, .stl, .cad) or SketchUp models (.skp) can be properly imported.

** Measurement results are only displayed for the 1000 Hz band.