Get Started

Basic and fundamental tasks in ODEON are described in short videos that help you get familiar in a couple of hours...

Rooms to Start with in ODEON

To learn how to make basic calculations in ODEON you don't have to spent time for importing a new model. You can easily try to work with one of the pre-installed ones and get a feeling of what an acoustic model should look like.   

Assigning Sources and Receivers

See how to assign sources and receivers in an ODEON model. The three main types of sources are used: point, line and surface source.  

Assigning Materials - Part 1

See how to work with the material list in ODEON, that allows you to assign materials to surfaces. The material list is divided into two columns: Surfaces and available materials. We can pick up a material from the right hand side and attach it to a surface (or a group of surfaces) on the left hand side.  

Assigning Materials - Part 2

See how to work with the material list in ODEON, that allows you to assign materials to surfaces. In this part we use the Quick Estimate functio to determine the reverberation time almost real time which will help us defining an appropriate impulse response length for the more accurate ray-tracing calculations. 

Room Setup and Global Estimate

Using the initial estimation of reverberation time form the Quick Estimate we set the correct impulse response length in the Room setup in order to perform a Global Estimation of the reverberation time using Ray Tracing. 

The Single Point Response in the Joblist

A short video that navigates through the tabs of the Single Point Response within the Job list. The video teaches you how to interpret the different displays and which keyboard short-cuts to use. Available in Auditorium and Combined editions.

Grid Calculations

See how to define a grid on surfaces in the room in order to calculate a color sound mapping.

Acoustic Visualization in ODEON

See how to use the 3D Ray Investigation and the 3D Billard to track problems in your geometry and visualize the sound propagation in the room.