New ODEON version released soon!

End of the year and this is the perfect time to include an ODEON upgrade or a support agreement renewal in the next year's budget. An up to date support agreement provides you with free updates and free help with technical issues. Continuing the success of ODEON 12, which came with a measuring system, we will soon release ODEON 13 with a renovated interface and numerous essential new features.

  New ODEON version released soon!
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  Measuring and Simulating High Sound Insulation 

Office closed for Christmas holiday

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Measuring and Simulating High Sound Insulation         

High sound insulation between rooms is an important feature of modern and complex buildings. Therefore, prediction and measurement is a necessary task and often very challenging. Identifying and evaluating how various sound paths contribute to the overall sound pressure level (SPL) is one of the most difficult procedures.

Anders Løvstad (Multiconsult) and Jens Holger Rindel (Multiconsult and Odeon) have published the article "Measurement and simulation of high sound insulation and identification of sound transmission paths in complex building geometries" that presents a rather extreme example of this important issue. The study shows that ODEON gave good agreement to measurements when structure borne sound was not dominant. Although ODEON is generally intended for room acoustic simulations, such modelling can be very useful for the analysis of contributions from various sound transmission paths, e.g. by eliminating one path at a time and observing the effect.

The article was presented in September 2014 at Forum Acusticum, Krakow and can be downloaded here.

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