Orchestra Simulation and Auralisation

One of the most important features in ODEON is auralisation, which makes it possible to listen to audio clips inside the virtual models. From speech to music and sound to noise, any file can be played in a room, as it would be in reality. The new application note by Prof. Jens Holger Rindel describes thoroughly how to simulate the sound of not only one instrument but a complete orchesta in a room!

The method is intended for concert halls and similar spaces. The simulations may be used for different purposes; e.g. to compare the sound in different listener positions within the same hall, to evaluate the balance between the instrument groups in a certain room design, or to compare the sound in a new hall design to that in another hall.

It is also possible to use the orchestra simulations as a music-training tool; to adjust the balance between individual instruments and between groups of instruments, and to evaluate different orchestra settings on the stage.

Find out more on the Application Notes page. 

Remember to download Wave Pack I and Wave Pack II, which contain sample rooms, directivity files and wave files of recorded instruments. The installations require that ODEON 13 (or 12) is installed.


  Orchestra Simulation and Auralisation
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 Internoise 2015 Conference

In August, 9 to 12 George will represent Odeon A/S at the Internoise 2015 conference, in San Francisco, USA. It will be a massive acoustic event, full of research contributions and representatives from top companies. Visit us at booth No. 311 and learn all you need about ODEON!    

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ODEON 13 Video Tutorials

Watch a group of youtube videos about the new features in ODEON on our tutorials page

Decay rose plots make it possible to view the directions at which different parts of decay arrives at a receiver.

When a .CLF directivity file is not available, you can create your own directivity balloon in the enhanced Directivity Polar Plot Editor. The user-friendly interface allows for fast entering of source radiation values at the horizontal and vertical planes, which are then interpolated by ODEON. 

   CALENDAR  2015 
  July 12 - 16  
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Florence, Italy

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  INTERNOISE Exhibition 

San Francisco, USA 

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  AUDITORIUM ACOUSTICS Conference  Paris, France 
  November 2 - 3  


Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark 

  December 6 - 10  
  WESPAC Exhibition  Singapore 
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ODEON 13.02 Update Available

Remember to download the most recent ODEON version and enjoy better performance and small bug fixes. 


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