In-situ Recalibration for G Measurements 

Institute of Acoustics hosted a well-attended Auditorium Acoustics 2015 conference in October 2015, on occasion of the recent opening of the Philarmonie de Paris concert hall. At this event the Odeon team presented the paper "Applying In-situ Recalibration for Sound Strength Measurements in Auditoria". This paper suggests a new method which allows measurements of the Strength parameter G, according to ISO 3382-1: Performance spaces, without the constrain that the measuring chain must remain fixed. The method is equally useful for the measurement of A-weighted Level of Speech and STI, according to ISO 3382-3: Open plan offices.  

The proposed Two-step Calibration procedure leads to several benefits. For example, accidental gain changes can be compensated and intentional adjustments to improve the signal to noise ratio are allowed. Moreover, parts of the chain, such as cables or microphone, can be completely changed. A second step is added to the normal reverberation room or free field calibration methods, in order to allow compensation for any shift in octave bands from the calibration to the in-situ measurement condition. The procedure was implemented in ODEON 13 and enhanced in ODEON 13.03 as a Two-step Calibration to be applied in connection with the sine-sweep method for room acoustic measurements.


Download the complete paper. Read more ODEON publications here.

  In-situ Recalibration for G Measurements
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ODEON 13.03 Update

A new ODEON update is available. Please download ODEON 13.03 from thdownload page. Remember you have to log in, in order to download (create an account first if you haven't made one yet). The new ODEON update includes fixes of various bugs and an improved Energy Parameters interface in the Multi-point response.

The full installers do not delete the rooms you have created. They only restore settings for the default rooms and the ODEON material library. In case you do not want to perform a full installation you can just download and copy-paste the patches from ODEON 13.0x to ODEON 13.03. Please follow the instructions on the download page.       

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WESPAC 2015 Conference

Claus Lynge Christensen is representing Odeon at WESPAC conference, which is held in Singapore between 6th to 9th December. Meet Claus at booth No. 8 for a demonstration of the newest release of the ODEON Room Acoustics Software.    

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