Dear Acoustician

September 2008
This is the first newsletter send from the new Odeon website. We aim at sending out newsletters approximately 2 times a year.

Odeon Update Odeon Version 9.2
Odeon Version 9.2 is ready for download, with newest fixes and enhancements. Download


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Join Odeon Course before 22. September.......
Advanced room acoustic modelling in Leuven - Belgium., 27.-28. October 2008. See invitation and program.

We had lots of positive feedback from our course in spring at Brüel & Kjær head quarters, and in the future the plan is to offer at least two courses a year, the second one being outside Denmark.



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2008 is a busy year for Odeon A/S. We moved to our new premises in January 2008. Course and exhibition activity have been intensivated. Gry B. Nielsen
A new Application Engineer, Gry B. Nielsen, was employed in February 2008.
Conferences and Exhibitions

Oslo Opera House


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Recently Odeon has been made compatible with Windows Vista and new functionalities have been implemented with emphasis on speed of calculations and a flexible user interface. The most recent development has led to Odeon version 9.2 having: Double wall
  • Calculations and auralisations of sound transmitted through walls with a specified reduction index, that can be imported directly from the Insul software or from an excel sheet.
  • Easy made 3D directivity patters or use and management of directivity-files from different loudspeaker manufacturers from
  • Realistic 3D auralisations in professional audio formats; whether it is for playback on a surround system, on a set of stereo speakers using super stereo or binaurally over headphones.

Recent Publications

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Odeon A/S has been involved in the following publications in 2008:
  • Frans Mossberg, Cajsa S. Lund, Jens Holger Rindel, Lotta Hagstrøm, Jonas Brunskog.  Sound of History, Report no. 6. Listening Lund - Sound Environment Centre at Lund University, Sweden (2008).
Roman Theatre
  • Samuel Siltanen, Tapio Lokki, Lauri Savioja, Claus Lynge Christensen. Geometry Reduction in Room Acoustics Modeling. Acta Acoustics united with Acoustica, vol. 94 (2008) p 410 - 418.
  • Jens Holger Rindel, Claus Lynge Christensen. Modelling Airborne Sound transmission between coupled rooms, BNAM, Reykjavik, Island 2008.
Paper in pdf sound transmission

For further information visit, where you can see and listen to demos, download a free trial version of Odeon 9.2 and find prices for the product.