Newsletter - June 2011

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Very tall atrium with echo-phenomenon
see here how ODEON was used to find the best solution for placement of absorption in a very tall atrium with long reverberation time.

Tall Atrium Compare simulations with measurements in the atrium and discover what kind of acoustic solution was suggested by Multiconsult, Norway.

Technical break-through at Auditorium Acoustics
Bridge in Dublin imitating an Irish harp At the conference Auditorium Acoustics in Dublin last month Claus Lynge Christensen presented a paper about the Dynamic Diffusion Curve, one of the new features to be released in Version 11, in August.

The paper and presentation on the Dynamic Diffusion Curve can be downloaded from our list of papers in proceedings along with other ODEON related papers from the conference. e.g.:
  • C Dilworth, S Smyth: "The Acoustics Requirements of the Irish Chamber Orchestra"
  • B Støfringsdal: "Integrated Room Acoustics and Electro Acoustics Design - the Concert Venue at Rockheim, Norway"

New opera house in Guangzhou, China
The 1800 seat Guangzhou Opera House designed by Zaha Hadid Architects opened formally in February 2011. The design of the interior of the performance hall was completed with acoustic guidance from Marshall Day Acoustics.

Zaha Hadid Hall in Shanghai Read the paper describing the full design process from initial discussions through acoustic modelling to commissioning. The paper also presents Comparisons between ODEON simulations and measurements from commissioning tests.

Lecture on advanced room acoustics theory
Last year Jens Holger Rindel gave a lecture on general Room Acoustics theory for students at the Euroregio in Lubliana. The presentation was repeated for a group of Danish acousticians and students. 

J H Rindel presents Room Acoustics theory Download full lecture, (414MB), around 74 minuttes video recorded and edited by Brüel & Kjær.

Title: "Room Acoustics - an Approach Based on Waves and Particles". 

Algorithm - Construction, Part 4
Part 4 Early Scattered Rays an extension of the classical Image Source Method for early reflections

Algorithm Architecture

Retrieve previous described development from former newsletters (grey bricks in the house):

Part 1 Reflection Based Scattering.
Part 2 Ray tracing, Vector Based Scattering and Secondary Source Method.
Part 3 Angle Dependent Absorption

In this newsletter
-Tall atrium space

-Papers from Dublin

-Opera in Guangzhou

-Video lecture

-Algorithms, Part 4
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