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Results from questionnaire 

The questionnaire from last newsletter (November 2011) has been analysed and here is an overview of the results.

The weakest point in the results was on integration with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc. and as a consequence we have produced new videos to help our users taking full advantage of the integration options in ODEON (see below).

Integration with Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc.

Making reports and presentations with ODEON is easy and fun. 

Videos on Reports and Graphics
See the new videos on integration of ODEON with software for reports and presentations:

·         Copy and paste images
·         Exporting data
·         Animations in Power Point
·         Auralisation  in Power Point   

Non-diffuse rooms
Decay curve with double slope
Simple box-shaped rooms can often be the most difficult to simulate; particularly the reverberation time can show unexpected behaviour in rooms with poor diffusion. See this FAQ if you wonder how it is possible that the reverberation time can increase when you increase the absorption of a surface. 

New applications in the pipeline

Open-plan-offices and restaurants are current focus areas for ODEON. Special implementations for these applications will appear in ODEON version 12, to be released later this year.

The new standard for acoustical parameters in open-plan-offices, ISO 3382-3 is an obvious area of application for ODEON. See how efficiently ODEON can handle the complicated design process in upcoming presentations at Acoustics 2012 in Hong Kong (May) and at EuroNoise in Prague (June).

Predicting the noise from many speaking persons in restaurants and other eating establishments is a challenge that is currently being dealt with in ODEON research and development. A break-through on this topic will be presented at InterNoise 2012 in New York (August).

Keeping your ODEON up-to-date  Alert button

Is your ODEON up-to-date? A new button on the ODEON toolbar will alert you when a new update or a new version is available. If you already have version 11, click here to get the latest free update patch (ODEON 11.21).

It is highly recommended to join our popular customer service: The support and maintenance agreement. In this way you will automatically be updated when a new version is available, and you will save money compared to the ordinary costs for an upgrade. Please contact support@odeon.dk for more information.


Next ODEON course in Denmark 17-18 April 2012.
NB: Registration deadline is VERY SOON - 9 March !

23 August there is another option; One-day vendor course after Inter-Noise in New York.

Staff news

From February 2012 Claus Lynge Christensen has taken over the function as managing director of Odeon A/S, while the former director, Jens Holger Rindel continues as senior researcher.

Gry Bælum Nielsen has left Odeon A/S searching new challenges elsewhere, and we are happy to announce a new member of the staff from March 2012: Georgios Koutsouris, MSc, who will be active in support, research & development.

Algorithm - Construction, Part 6

Oblique Lambert
Oblique Lambert was introduced 2005 in version 8. With this method the angle of incidence is taken into account for the scattering of late reflections. Read more here.

References: BNAM 2004,
Forum Acusticum 2005

Algorithm Architecture

This concludes the series on algorithms in ODEON. Retrieve previous described development from former newsletters (grey bricks in the house):

Part 1, 2005: Reflection Based Scattering
Part 2, 1984-1995: Ray tracing, Vector Based Scattering and Secondary Source Method
Part 3, 2000: Angle Dependent Absorption
Part 4, 2000: Early Scattered Rays
Part 5, 2009: Diffraction around edges

In this newsletter
-ODEON questionnaire

-Integration Word etc.

-Non-diffuse rooms

-New applications

-Keeping up-to-date


-Staff news

-Algorithms, Part 6

ODEON version 11.21

SU2Odeon version 1.03

Acoustics 2012 Nantes
Hong Kong
EuroNoise Prague
Czech Rep.
BNAM Odense
InterNoise New York
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