Newsletter - February 2013
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ODEON 12 released

The new ODEON 12 has several remarkable features:

  • A brand new option for measuring impulse responses, deriving room acoustic parameters and comparing the results with simulations; read more about this below.
  • Support for the acoustic parameters in the new ISO 3382-3 standard, for open-plan offices (privacy distance, distraction distance and more); whether data are simulated, measured or indeed both.
  • Calculation of the IACC parameters (Inter-aural cross correlation coefficients) as defined in ISO 3382-1 Annex B.
  • Advanced tool for generation of series of sources or receivers above an uneven surface.
  • Automated level calibration helps aligning the level of different source signals when performing auralisation with multiple signals.
  • Surface sources and line sources can now be defined with either Lambert radiation or spherical radiation.
For more information about the news in version 12, see here.

Lambert's Radiation Spherical Radiation


A brand new, user-friendly and reliable room acoustical measuring system has been developed for ODEON 12. The ODEON measuring system can be used either together with a room model or as a stand- alone tool. The impulse response is derived by deconvolution of sweep signals (linear or exponential). The measuring system encompasses the following features:

  • The swept-sine method is implemented in accordance with ISO 18233 Acoustics – Application of new measuring methods in building and room acoustics
  • Automatic detection of onset time of the impulse response.
  • Automatic detection of noise floor individually per octave band.
  • Alternative option to use measured impulse responses generated with any impulse sound source (pistol, hand clap, balloon etc.).
  • Low-distortion and zero-phase octave band filtering in accordance with the IEC 61260 (1995-08) standard.
  • Correction for truncated energy as in ODEON simulations.
  • Importing measured results to multi-point response for comparison with simulations.
Measured squared impulse 

Measured squared impulse response with automatic detection of noise floor, onset time and truncation time.

ISO Standard Application Notes

A series of application notes is planned in order to guide the ODEON users to simulations and measurements that are in agreement with the international room acoustic standards, ISO 3382, ISO 14257, and IEC 60268- 16. 

A new Application Note on simulations following ISO 3382-3 Acoustics – Measurement of room acoustic parameters – Part 3: Open plan offices is available for download here. In the near future other application notes in this series will appear. 

ODEON future points of contact

After eleven years of cooperation with Brüel & Kjær this has been brought to an end in a mutual understanding. In the future you will be supported directly from the ODEON experts at: support@odeon.dk. In some parts of the world Odeon A/S will establish connections to new local dealers, but in general our customers should contact us directly at: sales@odeon.dk.


11-12 April 2013; Two days ODEON Training course in Lyngby, Denmark. NB: Deadline for registration is 18th March.

New articles with relation to ODEON

J.H. Rindel: Heard that? Improving acoustics from the concert hall to the office. ISO Focus+, November/December 2012, pp. 26-30. Download here

J.H. Rindel: Roman Theatres and Revival of Their Acoustics in the ERATO Project. Acta Acustica/Acustica, 2013, Vol. 99, pp. 21- 29.

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