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An ODEON package for your budget

A very affordable Basics edition of ODEON is now available comprising Room Acoustics Simulation as well as Measurement Facilities. If you start with the Basics edition you can always upgrade to one of the more advanced editions later on. Basics allows modelling geometry of any complexity and making calculations with point sources and multiple receivers utilizing the advanced tools and algorithms known from other editions. Basic results like the parameters T20, T30, SPL and STI are included. The Basics Edition is also available with university discount. Specifications and a price list can be found here.

Simulations versus Measurements

At the recent room acoustics symposium, ISRA 2013, Odeon presented a paper that looks into the difficulties and sources of error related to simulations as well as to measurements of room acoustical parameters. Especially, some of the advantages and practical solutions that have been applied in the new ODEON measurement facility are explained in this paper. If you were not present at the ISRA Symposium watch our youtube video of the presentation.

Snapshot Measurements with ODEON 

For consulting acousticians it is now possible to make acoustic “snapshots” of a room during a short visit, just as easy as using a camera for some pictures. Simply clap your hands in selected source positions and record the sound with a portable recorder or your mobile phone; when you load the .wav file into ODEON you will get the reverberation time and other parameters, at least at the most important mid-frequency bands. Thus, you have a good basis for your recommendations concerning how to improve the acoustics of the room. 

Recent studies on scattering in Room Acoustics

The ICA and ISRA conferences took place in Canada in June this year. From Odeon A/S Claus and George participated and among a wealth of interesting presentations they noticed several new results related to the scattering of surfaces: 

  • Subjective assessment of scattered sound in a virtual acoustical environment simulated with three different algorithms.” Shtrepi, Astolfi, Rychtáriková, Pelzer, Vitale, Vorländer (ISRA P035). Investigation of audible differences of scattering changes to the walls of a virtual auditorium. With ODEON simulations it was possible to determine the JND of the scattering coefficient in the range 0.40 to 0.46, dependent on listener position in the hall and the music motif. No clear results were found with other room acoustic software.
  • Modeling (Non-)uniform scattering distributions in geometrical acoustics.” Schröder, Pohl (ICA 4pAAa2). The vector based scattering method applied in ODEON (here called vector mixing) is compared to other scattering methods used in room acoustic ray tracing programs.
  • A finite-difference time-domain investigation of reflections from layered wall structures.” Haapaniemi, Southern, Lokki (ISRA P039). Interesting layered wall structures and their scattering properties have been analysed using a 2D FDTD technique.

Auralisation of Outdoor Warning Signals

ODEON has been applied to the evaluation of outdoor warning signals in a city environment in Japan:

Auralization of municipal public address announcements by applying geometrical sound simulation and multi-channel reproduction techniques.” Mori, Yokoyama, Satoh, Tachibana (ICA 5aAAa6).

By comparison to real recordings the auralisations based on simulations were found to be in close agreement, and thus the simulations can be used for subjective experiments to evaluate the speech intelligibility.

Picture adapted from (ICA 5aAAa6).

New Video Tutorials

We have added two videos to the  tutorials page demonstrating the new measuring facilities in ODEON, as well as a video on the single point response in ODEON Auditorium and Combined.


15 September 2013: One day ODEON Training course at Internoise 2013, Innsbruck, Austria. For more information click here.

New publications by Odeon

C. L. Christensen, G. Koutsouris and J. H. Rindel: The ISO 3382 parameters. Can we measure them? Can we simulate them?, ISRA 2013, Toronto, Canada. Download here

C. L. Christensen: Investigating Room Acoustics by Simulations and Measurements. In press, NCAC, 2013.

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