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Measurements with a Smart Phone - Application Note

In this newsletter we would like to focus on a very powerful and time efficient measuring process for the room acoustician: When visiting a site and while using the camera in a Smart phone to take a few snap-shots for documentation, there is the possibility of making a few acoustic snap-shots of the room, i.e. fast impulse response recordings that can be processed afterwards in ODEON.


The equipment for such a measurement is extremely light weight and easy to set up compared to a fully featured measurement system (dodecahedron loudspeaker, amplifier, PC, cables etc.) yet it can provide decent measurement results for room acoustics parameters such as EDT, T20, T30, C80 (the latter is only available in ODEON Auditorium and Combined). Therefore, there is little excuse not to make measurements when it may be useful. All we need to carry with us when being on site is:

  • Our smart phone.
  • A recording app installed on the smart phone.
  • An omni directional microphone.
  • Some balloons to pop or just our hand claps.

You can read more about the topic at the Application Notes page.


This past September, Claus Lynge Christensen and Jens Holger Rindel participated at Internoise 2013 at Innsbruck, Austria, bringing back updated acoustic knowledge and happy memories with visitors of our booth. Jens Holger presented the paper "The use of colors, animations, and auralizations in room acoustics".

Jens Holger Rindel will give a key-note presentation on "Simulations, measurements and auralisations in architectural acoustics" at the Acoustics 2013 conference at New Delhi in India. You can meet Jens Holger at the Odeon booth No. 18.

Acoustics 2013 New Delhi

New Video Tutorials

Start working with ODEON very fast by watching our new tutorials under the section Get Started. The section includes short videos on how to setup a model and perform basic calculations.


17-18 March 2014: Two-days ODEON Training course at the Odeon A/S facilities, SCION DTU, Kgs Lyngby, Denmark. For more information and for an application form click here.

New publications by Odeon

J. H. Rindel, C. L. Christensen and G. Koutsouris: "Simulations, Measurements and Auralisations in Architectural Acoustics", Acoustics 2013, New Delhi, India. Download here

C. L. Christensen: Investigating Room Acoustics by Simulations and Measurements, Noise & Vibration Worldwide, September 2013, Volume 44, No.8.

In this newsletter

-Measurements with a Smart Phone


-New Video Tutorials


-New Publications by Odeon

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