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Measuring open-plan office parameters

Satisfying acoustics in open-plan offices is an important factor for productivity. The ISO standard 3382-3: 2012 Acoustics - Measurement of room acoustic parameters  - Part 3: Open plan offices provides guidelines for measuring a number of acoustic parameters that describe well the acoustic performance of the office. Examples of parameters are: Spatial decay, Distraction distance, Privacy distance etc.

Jens Holger Rindel has prepared an application note on how to measure the ISO 3382-3 parameters in an open-plan office with the help of ODEON. The key to obtain measured room acoustic parameters in ODEON is to create a simple model of the room with the same source - receiver positions as in the real room. Then ODEON can define the necessary distances between the sources and receivers.  

 Read the whole application note here.


Due to high interest this year we were happy to run the ODEON course twice during spring; once in March and once in May. We thank all participants for their participation and the fruitful conversations on room acoustic topics. 

29-30 September 2014: Another two-day ODEON course is scheduled at the Odeon A/S location. If you would like to participate please send an email to sales@odeon.dk. Take a look at all upcoming events here.


In June Professor Jens Holger Rindel attended the BNAM 2014 conference at Tallinn, Estonia.

In July George Koutsouris will represent Odeon at the ICSV 21 congress at Beijing, China. You can visit George at booth No. 26.   

Acoustics 2013 New Delhi

In September Claus Lynge Christensen and Jens Holger Rindel will participate at Forum Acusticum 2014 conference in Krakow, Poland. Claus Lynge will present the new Odeon ongoing research project on estimation of the absorption coefficients of materials using Genetic Algorithms.   

In October the Institute Of Acoustics (IOA) presents Reproduced Sound 2014 at Birmingham, United Kingdom. George will be there to discuss about room acoustics and the use of ODEON in simple and challenging projects.

This year will close with Internoise 2014 conference in Melbourne, Australia. The conference will take place in November, and you can visit George at booth No. 43. In addition, a short course will be held on the 16th of November at the conference room C from 12:30 to 15:30. For more information please visit Internoise 2014.


Video Tutorials and Application Notes

The Get Started page is continuously updated with additional tutorials that help you optimize your work with ODEON. The section includes short videos on how to setup a model and perform basic calculations.

On the Application Notes page we have uploaded more guides on different topics. This time you can find instructions on how to make measurements in an Open plan office, according to the ISO standard 3382-3.

New Publications 

ODEON Room Acoustics Software. Richard Honeycutt. audioXpress July 2014.

Estimating absorption of materials to match room model against existing room using a genetic algorithm. Claus L. Christensen, George Koutsouris and Jens H. Rindel. Forum Acusticum, Krakov, Poland, 2014. The article will be presented in September 2014 and can be downloaded here.

Acoustic capacity as a means to deal with poor restaurant acoustics. Jens H. Rindel. Acoustic Bulletin, Vol. 39, No. 4, July/August 2014.

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