While you wait for Odeon version 10 to be released in June 2009, we encourage you to listen to the new CD-release, sign up for the next Odeon course or make use of Odeon´s free online teaching material.
Use Odeon for CD-recordings
For the first time, the realistic high fidelity sound created by Odeon has been used to record the musical CD, 'Subtle Voiced: Subtle Summit'. The Odeon auralisation tool is the only room simulation software currently capable of making this realistic 3D-sound.

Ashish Sankrityayan and Skye Løfvander
Subtle Voices, Subtle Summit.

Read and listen

The singing artists Ashish Sankrityayan and Skye Løfvander were both astonished by the resulting quality in sound on their new CD, which can be purchased on-line shortly.
User course
Join the Odeon course: "Room Acoustic modelling with Odeon", to be held in Edinburgh 29 - 30 October 2009, just after the Euronoise conference.

Calender Edinburgh

Early registration for the course is recommended. Deadline is 21 September 2009.

'Diffraction around edges' in version 10
Odeon is used more and more for modelling outdoor sound propagation and office environments with highly absorbing ceiling and complicated diffraction paths. Therefore Odeon users have asked if diffraction over screens will shortly be implemented. The answer is yes - very soon.

Diffraction around 1 or 2 edges Diffraction around one or two edges is one of the new functionalities that will be implemented in Odeon version 10 in June 2009.
Odeon will present a paper on diffraction around edges at ICSV2009 in July in Krakow. Send an email, to receive the paper in PDF in August. the Sixteenth International Congress on Sound and Vibration

Free introduction package
Along with the free demo version of Odeon, a free lab exercise is also available. The total package includes everything needed for an introduction course on room acoustic simulation.

 Free Exercise
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