Designing a modern concert hall
Odeon is an essential tool for modern concert hall design. When designing concert halls around the world detailed requirements must be met in order to ensure the satisfaction of client, orchestra and audience. The best, cheapest and easiest way to make sure you have selected the right design regarding geometry, materials and even loudspeaker setup is to perform Odeon simulations. And the best way to explain what this means to the orchestra or client is by presenting auralisations.  

Scale model versus Odeon
Yokohama Minato-Mirai Hall
Scale model of Minato-Mirai Hall, Yokohama, Prof. Tachibana.

The scale model is widely recognised as a tool for analysis, but with the last 10 years of development, Odeon models have much more to offer.

Aarhus house of music, Cowi / Artec
Odeon model of concert hall in Aarhus house of music, COWI / Artec.
Version 10.02
Version 10.02 with the latest fixes and enhancements is ready for download.

Odeon course - last chance
Join the Odeon course: "Room Acoustic modelling with Odeon", to be held in Edinburgh 29 - 30 October 2009, just after the Euronoise conference. 

Calender Edinburgh

Deadline for registration is
21 September 2009.

The course will be held at Point Hotel where rooms are being reserved for those course participants who wish to stay at the hotel for the whole week.
Download famous concert halls 
Compare your concert hall design from Odeon with famous European concert halls. You can now download Odeon version 10 room models of 11 European concert halls with included measurements.

11 European concert halls
Measurements in 11 European concert halls were performed by Anders Christian Gade from the Technical University of Denmark. The modelling of the 11 halls in Odeon was performed by Hiroyoshi Shiokawa and co-workers from Nihon University, Japan.
A paper comparing localisation in real and the virtual Odeon environment was published in the Journal of Audio Engineering Society, April 2009. The paper was written by  Rychtáriková, Boegaert, Vermeir and Wouters.

See publications.

Array Loudspeakers
Odeon version 10 has been released, which means that array loudspeakers can be created or imported from the XML format. Array loudspeakers are the most common solution for design of PA-systems in rooms with high ceiling - including concert halls.

The method for import and creation of array loudspeakers was  developed in close  cooperation with Duran Audio
Duran Audio
Intellivox speaker at Copenhagen Central station

We hope that you will help us get started in this new area, by contacting us about your experiences with arrays in Odeon. It is also possible to test the creation and import of array loudspeakers in the available free demo version.

Refer to Chapter 11 and Appendix E in the new version 10  manual to learn more about the XML format and how to create array sources by yourself.
Simplify Geometry
When importing a large model of an entire building, you can now exclude irrelevant geometry and save calculation time for single rooms in Buildings with the use of clip-box import
Before 298.116 surfaces
Before use of clip-box

After 8.717 surfaces
Simplified geometry
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