In this last newsletter of 2009 you can learn how to take advantage of the new material database with the datasheet import function, you can also learn what is new in the latest version 10.1 and how you can save money by maintaining a continuous support & upgrade agreement with Odeon A/S.

Array loudspeakers
You can now combine Odeon´s superior room acoustics tools with loudspeaker array modelling.   See here how 20 beam steered array loudspeakers are implemented at Copenhagen Central Railway Station.

Intellivox speaker at Copenhagen Central station
3DOpenGL view from Copenhagen Central Railway Station, Denmark.

Grid with STI calculated with 20 Array speakers
Grid response of calculated STI with 20 beem steered line array speakers.

Beam steered loudspeaker arrays and clusters from Duran Audio are available for use in Odeon. Directivity files
can be imported in the open CLF-format, and combined into a full array as XML-files (see appendix E in the Odeon Manual). These open loudspeaker formats allow manufacturers to make their arrays accessible for Odeon modelling. 

New price list 2010
If you have version 8 or later without any support agreement, you should hurry and upgrade to Version 10 before the end of January 2010. A price increase will come into effect in 2010 for this upgrade without a running support agreement.

Prices 2009

Prices 2010

Maintain your support
From 2010 the annual support and upgrade agreement has been reduced to only 10% of the sales price.

Send an email to update your licenses.

Listening environments
The Centre for Applied Hearing Research (CAHR), at the  Technical University of Denmark, uses Odeon to simulate realistic listening environments to investigate the signal processing of the normal, impaired and aided-impaired auditory system.

Listening environment
The listening Lab. Photo by Jesper Dybdahl

The listening laboratory simulating different acoustic environments has 29 loudspeakers in an acoustically damped room suitable for listening tests.

Listening environment
The listening Lab. Photo by Sylvain Favrot

Several related papers have been written by researchers from CAHR, e.g. these two concerning:
Loudspeaker-based room auralisation
Distance perception in virtual rooms
Version 10.1
Version 10.1 is ready for download. In Odeon version 10.1 magnitude as well as phase balloons can be included in the directivity input of an array. This is very important when you use different types of transducers in a loudspeaker array. Read more about the improved array modelling.

Near field display

Courses 2010
Odeon course in Edinburgh 2009
In 2010 there will be plenty of possibilities to increase your knowledge base in Odeon. Already in January there  is a master class in the Netherlands. There will be at least 2 other courses later in the year in both Denmark and Italy.

Follow the Odeon activities 
Add materials from datasheet
Odeon 10.1 makes it easy to paste absorption data directly from a spreadsheet into the material library - watch this video to see how you do it. Read more about the datasheet format here.

"Add a new material" -window
See how to paste absorption data from datasheet into the Odeon material library.

Material library
The material library in Odeon 10.1 has materials listed in categories. We collect links to manufacturers who have lists of absorbing materials ready for use in Odeon. Send an email if your company is manufacturing acoustic absorption and may be interested in a link to your product file from our homepage.
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