In this first newsletter of 2010 we bring you:

- Soundscapes and multisource auralisation;
- Experiments in virtual open plan offices;
- Radio interviews;
- Tutorial videos;
- And other practical info.

Multisource auralisation
Multisource auralisation to present complicated soundscapes with several sound sources. You will come much closer to the real thing using more sound sources in one auralisation.

Multisource auralisation is a mix of different anechoic recordings played through several point sources

Full orchestra simulations
Multisource auralisation is a useful tool for stage design allowing you to listen to the full orchestra simulated with all instruments in the right position. In this example compare with a stereo recording.

PA-systems with background noise
Multisource auralisation can be used to evaluate the room- and electro-acoustics combined with  a recording of background noise.

Achaeological acoustics
Multisource auralisation can be used in archaeological acoustics to recreate the sound of old hymns from the Byzantine period in the acoustics of an ancient church.

Odeon in Asia
Now it is possible to purchase Odeon directly through Odeon A/S as well as through Brüel & Kjær A/S in all countries.

Please contact us to get an offer in China, Japan, Korea or Taiwan.

Odeon course in Italy
Course in Torino Italy
In cooperation with Politecnico di Torino an Odeon course has been arranged in Torino, Italy 9 - 10 September 2010. Get  invitation.

Open plan office environment
Ivana Balazova from the Slovak University of Technology will soon defend her PhD on the effects of noise and temperature on workers, in different office environments. She has used multisource auralisation, played on surround sound, to virtually create the work environment of an open plan office with different kinds of acoustics. 

Odeon model of office environment
Odeon model of an office environment with some of the sources creating an office soundscape 

The presence of office noise and the type of office environment was shown to play an important role in the study. Results indicated that excessive noise absorption in the simulated open plan office had a negative impact on occupants' perception of noise and performance.

work stations, surround-sound auralisation
Test subjects in simulated open plan office environment. 

Listen to the binaural auralisations and download the paper here.
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Interviews on university radio
In January the Odeon software played an interesting role in two interviews on the radio "The Naked Scientists" at Cambridge University:

The Naked Scientists Analyzing Acoustics and the Cocktail Party Effect

Acoustic Archaeology

You should refer to the sound examples in the written part of the interviews to get auralisations with binaural quality.

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