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- Algorithm - Construction, Part 1;
- Google SketchUp plug-in for Odeon;
- Wall types - Uncovered;
Linkedin group;
- Odeon course in Italy in September;

Google SketchUp plug-in
A new free plug-in for Google SketchUp SU2Odeon, allows direct use of SketchUp models in Odeon version 10. SketchUp is a 3D modelling tool that is operated very intuitively and is fast to learn. SU2Odeon can be used both for the free and the pro version of SketchUp.
Video on the new SketchUp entry SU2Odeon.
Video is also available at

Purchasing Odeon
Odeon is available in three editions described on the product pages. See the corresponding worldwide price list.

There are favorable discounts for universities and if you buy more than one license within the same company/institution and country. 

If you need to test Odeon in combination with a specific project before you decide to buy a full license, you can also contact us for a one-time offer on a time limited version.

Algorithm - Construction
The software architecture of Odeon is under constant development. You can look forward to the next couple of newsletters where the basic building blocks that make calculations in Odeon fast, stabile and reliable will be described. 

Algorithm Architecture
The architecture of Odeon is based on constant development.

Part 1: Reflection Based Scattering
Reflection based scattering Odeon version 8 Odeon's reflection based scattering method was introduced in version 8 in 2005.  
With Reflection based scattering, calculation results benefits from geometry details such as furniture or the diffusing panels shown in the video below.

Reflection based scattering
Video explaining how the reflection based scattering works in Odeon. 

Odeon course in Italy
Deadline for submission 6 August.
Course in Torino Italy
Join the Odeon course this September in Torino, Italy.  The course is arranged in cooperation with Politecnico di Torino

SOBRAC meeting in Brazil
In may 2010 Dr. Rindel was very pleased to be invited speaker at the SOBRAC meeting for the acoutical society of Brazil. 
Key note lecture at SOBRAC

The title of his key note lecture was: Room Acoustic Prediction Modelling.

Odeon users on Linkedin
In late 2008 the Facebook group with Odeon users was initiated and it has now reached 160 members. A few months ago the corresponding Linkedin group was initiated as a strong competitor with 28 users.

Wall types - Uncovered
In special cases you need to select appropriate wall types for surfaces for correct handling of diffraction. The three wall types are:

Normal: Default value in Odeon.
Fractional: If the surface is part of a larger smooth surface (e.g. a domed ceiling).
Exterior: If the outer walls of a room is not automatically detected as exterior by Odeon (please see below video for further explanation). 

Tutorial about wall types
Video explaining how the wall types exterior and fractional are applied in Odeon.
Video is also available at
Meet us in 2010
Meet Odeon here

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