Use Odeon auralisations to engage the end- users and make a success out of complex acoustics in open plan spaces. 
When sound travels from room to building
Ørestad Highschool, Denmark The acoustic design in a price winning project of Ørestad Gymnasium in Denmark was made using Odeon and auralisation as an important tool.

At the next conference we are attending, the NAG/DAGA in Rotterdam - March 2009, Jens Holger Rindel will give a talk on applications of Odeon for multiple rooms and entire buildings.
Modelling Trick
There is an easy way to create a surface in an existing geometry. 

 Try this modelling trick
Odeon put to the test
The Danish Acoustical Society has made a Round Robin in which 8 different Odeon Users modelled the same class room.

The result is
a check list, to help ensuring the quality of your Odeon projects and a report about modelling practise.
Next course
Look out for the next Odeon user course to be held at Bruel & Kjær - Headquarters in Denmark 22nd - 23rd April, 2009.

Sound examples for download
High quality anechoic recordings of symphony orchestra members recorded one by one, are available from our cooperation partners at Helsinki Technical 

Similar recordings of orchestra members, were used in a paper we presented at Auditorium Acoustics in Oslo in October 2008.

Other sound examples are available for download. If you have some interesting sound examples you want to share with others, contributions are most appreciated.
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