Information about using cookies

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What is a cookie?

A Cookie is a small text file stored in your browser so you can see that your computer, smartphone or iPad has visited the respective website.

Cookies can have many different purposes and can, for example, be used to remember settings, login information, and track visitor statistics.

Overview of the website’s use of cookies

Required Cookies

Some types of cookies are essential for the website to provide some services that you have requested. For example, it could be a login.

Cookies for your preferences

This type of cookies must ensure that you get the best possible experience on the website. There may be cookies that remember your navigation on the page and these cookies can not personally identify you.

Cookies for optimization

For example, this type of cookie is used to collect statistics about traffic to and from the website.

These cookies are primarily used for identifying user groups and can also be used for ad targeting, for single users on social media and for Google’s advertising platform.

For example, we may use this data in connection with the use of Google Analytics. This information is stored on servers that can be located in both Denmark and abroad. You can completely opt out of Google Analytics cookies here:  however, this helps to make your online experience better and not recommended.

How to reject cookies

If you choose to change the settings in your browser, you can completely reject cookies on your computer. How to change the settings in your browser depends entirely on which browser you have chosen. If you choose to set your browser so that you do not receive cookies, just be aware that you may miss features and the like on the website, which in that case will not work and make your experience of this and most other websites. worse.

How to delete your cookies

If you have previously accepted cookies, these may be deleted. You also do that under the settings of your web browser.