Array loudspeakers

The new PA system with 20 line array loudspeakers in the main hall of Copenhagen central Railway station has been modelled with Odeon. The hall is about 190000 m3 and has a reverberation time of 4 s. The loudspeaker installations were made in collaboration with Duran Audio and AV-huset.

[1] It is a challenge to achieve resonable speech intelligibillity in this large main hall with a reverberation time of 4 seconds. To see the achieved STI press next through this case-story.

You can also listen to the auralisation with the 20 array loudspeakers by scrolling further down this page.

[2] Most of the installed line arrays have 16 units like the one above and the four central line arrays have 32 units each. All line arrays have beam steering and different pre-delays of the Intellivox type.

[3] In the Odeon array source editor you will have the nearfield balloon, the far field balloon and the distribution of the direct sound from the array loudspeaker in question. These are shown above for the intellivox array loudspeaker with 16 units.
[4] The speech intelligibility in terms of the STI was calculated by Odeon in a number of positions distributed over the hall, and the measured STI results along with other parameters shows a fine agreement with the predictions.

Here you can find 3 multisource auralisation examples which illustrates how the system sounds in a central position (receiver 14) with ambient noise. 1 for a person speaking, 2 with only a remote array loudspeaker and 3 with the total designed array loudspeaker system. The 3 examples are also presented in this interview by the naked scientists.