Soundscapes and multi-source auralization

Multi-source auralisation makes it possible to create soundscapes and realistic virtual sound environments based on the ODEON model convolved with anechoic recordings.

These listening examples should be played over headphones to benefit for the binaural quality. ODEON also provide excellent sound examples customized for stereo or surround sound presentation.

 Brahms modelled with 66 sources in the symphonic hall in Aarhus House of Music, Denmark.

 Office environments modelled with different absorption and screening

 Mozart, Don Giovanni, aria. Listen to different positions of the soprano.

 Bruckner modelled with 88 sources in Concertgebouw, The Netherlands.

 20 Array loudspeakers with up to 32 units each at Copenhagen Central Station, Denmark.

 Byzantine hymns in the old churches of Constantinople.

 Mozart modelled with 49 sources in Musikverein, Wien, Austria.

 Beethoven modelled with 73 sources in Concertgebouw, The Netherlands.