These listening examples should be played over headphones in order to experience the binaural audio. ODEON also provides excellent sound examples customised for stereo or surround sound presentation.

Most setups are represented by a 3D OpenGL picture showing the view from the receiver position, when the receiver is aiming at the source (red sphere ). 

At the bottom of the page, you’ll find ODEON’s features for auralisation.

ODEON features for auralisation

  • Streaming convolution: Almost real time. Listen to the room immediately after an impulse response has been calculated; switch between your favourite sound examples (speech, music, hand clap, etc.).


  • Headphone presentation with your preferred HRTF filter and adjustable m-factor: Highly realistic 3D sound; out-of-head localisation


  • Loudspeaker presentation through surround setup. Number of loudspeakers from two to 50: High quality sound presentation of room simulations; for customers or for research.


  • Built-in mixer for multiple sources: Easy management of auralisation with multiple sources.