ODEON 11 downloads

The full installers are available below – download the installers – unzip the installer from the zip files and run the installer. A patch to Odeon 11.23 is available below the full installers – if you already have Odeon 11.x installed you should just install the patch not the full installers.

Odeon patch from version 11.00 to version 11.23

Instructions for installation is found below.

Instructions for installation

  • Download the relevant patch e.g. Odeon1122CombinedPatch.zip.
  • Unzip it e.g. to your desktop.
  • The zip file contains one or more executable files, e.g. Odeon.exe. Copy the files to your current Odeon program folder e.g. in C:\Program files (x86)\Odeon11Combined\. The files replace the ones currently installed on your PC. You may need administrator rights to do this.