ODEON 9 Downloads

Odeon updates available

Odeon 9.22 is available for download. Instructions for installation and description of this patch is found below. (If you are having troubles with Odeon running on Windows Vista, try reinstalling Odeon using one of the full installation at the end of this page).

Instructions for installation

  • Download the relevant patch e.g. OdwCombinedPatch922.zip
  • Unzip it e.g. to your desktop
  • The zip file contains a number of files, copy these files to your current Odeon program folder e.g. in C:\Program files\Odeon9Combined\. The files replaces files currently installed on your PC, you may need administrator rights to do this.

Full Installations
The full installers are available below – download the installers – unzip the installer from the zip files and run the installer.