Model rooms with SketchUp and make them available for ODEON with SU2ODEON. The SU2ODEON plug-in makes SU-models compatible with the requirements set by ODEON so you can manage geometries in SU and acoustics in ODEON.

Making an Auditorium with SketchUp

A series of tutorials on how to build a complete project in SketchUp. We start by making a primitive shape and then we modify it. Only the most important details are kept, so that the room is suitable for acoustic simulations. The model can be imported into ODEON with the SU2ODEON plug-in.

See Episodes Below:

Episode 1

In Episode 1 the basic tools in SketchUp are presented and the primitive shape of the auditorium is modeled.

Episode 2

In Episode 2 we model stairs inside the auditorium, at the left and right of the audience area.

Episode 3

In Episode 3 we model the audience area and a desk inside the auditorium.

From IFC models via SketchUp to ODEON

Use SU2ODEON as a third-party tool for handling Building Information Models from the IFC format, in SketchUp 8 and 2013, to ODEON.

Introduction to the Extrusion Modeller

Introduction to the Odeon Extrusion Modeller – version 3.0

Combine two Extrusion models

Video describing how to combine a cross section and a plane section of two extrusion models with the parametric editor in ODEON.

Importing DXF files into ODEON

Claus Lynge shows how to import a CAD file into ODEON with the best adjustments.