Last week at Forum Acusticum I bumped into Gry Bælum Nielsen from ODEON. We started discussing how different room acoustic simulation software handle complex geometries. After she’d claim that such process in ODEON is as simple as clicking a button, I had to try it for myself.

In case you have never spat blood and shed tears over this yourself, it is worth noting that in many commercial software handling complex geometries is every modeller’s nightmare. You either have to enter vertices, edges and faces manually (which is literally – torture) or deal with issues such as holes and overlapping faces.

So I made a deal with Gry; I will challenge ODEON with any complex geometry I wish, and if it instantly works as promised I will write her a testimonial. After lunch I felt creative, and so I designed some strange looking building in Trimble SketchUp, which can be at best characterized as some twisted hybrid between a museum, concert hall and the fuselage of a 747. The world should be thankful that I am not an architect.

Back to our experiment, I’ve really invested a lot of energy (not easy after a conference lunch) in making the geometry complex and confusing to human beings and machines alike. The model was finished, and guess what, at a click of a button ODEON imported it. A cup of tea and a few clicks later, the model was up and running with wall materials and multiple sources.

So, as I am a man of my word, here is my testimonial: ODEON handles complex geometries like no other acoustic modelling software I have encountered; it is quick, simple to use and most importantly: trouble-free. Very well done.