I have bypassed media management to my working group so everyone can see Odeon tutorials on YouTube. I am very passionate on this matter and have heard myself say: “The people working with Odeon need full media access – an acoustician who cannot receive streams or send and receive movies and audio just doesn´t work .. get it sorted.”

Our design engineers are able to make complex Odeon models two days after they open the program the first time. After three days they can start simulating acoustics.
After one month I can give them an assignment with a case number and an acoustics requirement, and I will get a report on a room with a reverberation time meeting the requirement, sensibly placed absorbers and lots of screenshots of the grid and curves. E.g. of a class room where 75% of the floor area meets an STI > 0.6.

I only need simulating special cases and special circumstances with Odeon these days, the rest of the room acoustics is QA, sales and general phrases beginning with “Also try to… “.