Atkins has used Odeon to assess speech intelligibility performance of PA/VA systems of various stations and airports (Dubai Metro Stations, Bond Street Extension, Blackfriars Stations, Jeddah International Airport are among our projects with Odeon).

We have also used array loudspeakers in our Odeon models of stations and airports successfully. Similarly, Odeon is used to assess the sound and performance quality of spaces dominated by speech and music.

There is a growing demand to assess the acoustical parameters subjectively. More clients are requesting auralizations of the rooms. With its high quality auralizations, Odeon is a powerful tool to show the relative differences between various design options.

Atkins Acoustics collaborates with architects, engineers and local authorities on a variety of projects using Odeon for acoustics modelling and performance analysis of various rooms: open plan offices, classrooms, atria, cafeterias, media rooms, performing spaces, recording studios, stations, and airports.