Tutorials about Sources and Receivers

All acoustical simulations in ODEON needs at least one sound source. The different editions include different source types.

  • Basics include point sources only
  • Industrial includes point, line and surface sources
  • Auditorium includes point and array sources
  • Combined includes all type of sources

Sources and Receivers Part 1

Basics about Source/Receiver List. How to setup point sources and receivers are covered.

Sources and Receivers Part 2

Basics about Source/Receiver List. How to setup Line Sources, Multi Surface Sources and the Tabulation tool.

Defining a Multi-Surface Source

How to make multiple surfaces into one sound source in ODEON.

Source Directivity Editor

Source/Receiver Script

You can work in the Source/Receiver script directly. Move sources or receivers from one model to another or edit sources and receivers in text files.