Customer presentation

Acoustics and Air Testing. Acoustic and Air Testing Laboratories, Hong Kong. Example of use of Odeon

Dario Paini. ODEON is used in some projects posted on this website by Dario Paini, Italy.

Marshall Day. Marshall Day Acoustics has used Odeon in numerous projects among them The Guangzhou opera house, China.

MRC Institute of Hearing Research Glascow. Initial studies on how to present complicated listening situations for hearing impaired persons by auralization on 24 loudspeakers. (2006).

University of York. Dr Damian Murphey from University of York presents project concerning Odeon simulation and auralisation of St Michael Cathedral – ‘Old’ Coventry Cathedral.

University of Salford. Sound of stonehenge digitally modelled with Odeon by Dr. Bruno Fazenda.

3D modeling software

Google Sketchup. Google SketchUp is a 3D based software from which you can easily export to Odeon with the SU2Odeon plugin.

Rhino. The Rhino software has been a very nice tool for modeling of 3D geometries as this one has the focus on 3D modelling. We haven’t tested all the corners of the program but it does seem to have good compatibility with Odeon.

3ds Max. 3d studio max is a 3D based software for download at Autodesk, that has shown promising compatibility with Odeon . From Autodesk you can also download traditional AutoCAD programs.

IntelliCAD. IntelliCAD e.g from AutoDSys can be used for modeling geometries for Odeon. IntelliCAD is a lighter and cheaper version of AutoCAD. We experience it as a better program for importing into Odeon. IntelliCAD is usually avaliable in a Standard and a Professional edition, we recommend the professional edition which includes solid modeling (ASIC). To benefit from this program you need to be or become an experienced 3D CAD modeller.

MicroStation. Microstation can be used for making room models for import in Odeon. We believe that it is easiest to use solids modelling and the explode function, to get the most watertight room. To benefit from this program you need to be or become an experienced 3D CAD modeller.

Complementing acoustics software

Insul. INSUL can calculate sound insulation for walls, floors and ceilings and the results can be pasted directly in Odeon.

SONarchitect. SONarchitect is a tool for managing sound insulation for large projects with many rooms and different acoustic requirements. 3D models from SONarchitects can be exported to Odeon.

Design guides

BB93. In UK the Building Bulleting 93 (BB93) is a guide for the design of new school buildings. The guide can be downloaded from this website.

BB93 Simulations. In relation to BB93 there is a Guidance on how to use computer prediction models to calculate the Speech Transmission Index (STI) in open plan spaces. Download the corresponding directivity here.


CLF group. Several loudspeaker manufacturers have data available in the Common Loudspeaker Format. There might be more manufacturers not listed here. Please ask us.

Duran Audio. Duran Audio offers a smooth export of the Axys speakers to the Odeon software. Duran audio participated in the development of the the open XML format for use in Odeon and specification of requirements for and test of the array source editor Implemented in Version 10.

SynAudCon. Website for training seminars in audio and acoustics.