Room Acoustic Examples & Cases

The Odeon software can be used for a huge range of cases. Both indoor and outdoor room acoustics, measurements or even building acoustics.

Project showcases

On this site is gathered some projects done with Odeon you can read about. These include educational facilities, music facilities, industrial facilities

Open examples in Odeon

When downloading the free demo version or a paid version of Odeon you get a range of full Odeon projects you can open in Odeon and investigate both simulations, setup, measurements and much more. See a description of some of the downloaded rooms here.


Ørestad Gymnasium

Acoustics in an open plan school Ørestad Gymnasium, Denmark. Auralisation included. Read more…

Large auditorium


2nd Round Robin on room Acoustics revisited Elmia Read more…

 Domestic Building

Atrium Courtyard

 Outdoor simulation of noise from road traffic in atrium courtyard…

 Industrial space

Turbine hall

The use of surface sources to model machines in Turbine hall Read more…

Outdoor area


Aspendos, roman theatre built in the 2nd c. AD. Capacity: 15,000 people Read more…

 Religious space

Sergius & Bacchus

The byzantine church Sergius & Bacchus is now used as a mosque Read more…

 Religious space

Suleymaniye mosque

Suleymaniye mosque, Istanbul, 1551-7. Inspired by Hagia Sofia Read more…

 Music studio

PTB Piano Studio

3rd Round Robin on room Acoustics revisited PTB Piano Studio Read more…

 Concert hall

Concert Hall in Rome

Concert Hall in Rome by Matteo Novembri, Advanced Technologies S.r.l., Rome, Italy. Read more…

 Train Station

Copenhagen Central Station

Array loudspeakers at Copenhagen Central Station, Denmark. Auralisation included.

Industrial space

PA System on Oil Platform

PA System on Oil Platform. An offshore installation. Read more…

 Metro station

Dubai Metro Station

PA-System and room acoustics at Dubai Metro Station, Dubai. Auralisation included. Read more…

 Religious space

The church Hagia Sofia

The church Hagia Sofia, from Constantinople was build from 532 to 537 Read more…

 Religious space

Hagia Irene, byzantine church

Hagia Irene, byzantine church, Istanbul, Turkey. Build in 740 Read more…