Prices and editions

Brochure. Take a look at our four-page brochure summarizing the capabilities and editions of ODEON.

ODEON editions feature sheet. ODEON comes in four editions: Basics, Industrial, Auditorium and Combined. All editions include the same simulation algorithms and fully functional measurement tools. The main differences are in the types of results. More advanced editions offer more detailed results and help to perform acoustic studies to a more in-depth level. 

Find out which edition suits your needs in the feature sheet. A video and a descriptive summary are also available below.

Commercial prices 2024Compare prices for the four different editions of ODEON: Basics, Industrial, Auditorium and Combined. For commercial use, when the outcome of the software is sold for profit.

Educational prices 2024. Compare prices for the four different editions of ODEON: Basics, Industrial, Auditorium and Combined. For educational/non-profit use by universities, institutions etc.

Odeon Omni specifications and price. ODEON Omni is a light-weight, wireless omni-directional sound source, for room impulse response measurements. See more here.


ODEON Basics icon

The Basics edition gives a collection of ODEON’s powerful tools at an affordable cost. ODEON basics comes with a measuring system and basic simulation tools. The computation engine and accuracy is exactly the same as in the other editions.

ODEON Industrial icon

The Industrial edition is for environmental acoustics where SPL, SPL(A), T30 and STI are the important results. It allows modelling of point, line and surface sources, with possibillity to model large and complex sound sources.

ODEON Auditorium icon

The Auditorium edition is for a large set of room acoustical parameters based on the reverberation curve. It has a variety of graphical and auralization tools.

ODEON Combined icon

The Combined edition includes all the features found in the Basics, Industrial and Auditorium editions.