SU2Odeon plugin for SketchUp

From SketchUp to ODEON


The plug-in SU2Odeon for SketchUp (SU) allows you to make direct use of SketchUp models in ODEON. SketchUp is a fun 3D modelling software, which is operated very intuitively. It allows you to create renderings of your rooms for impressive visualisation. To learn SketchUp it is recommended to watch the introduction videos. It should take a very short time to learn the basics.

SU2Odeon 2.03, the latest, fastest and trouble-free plugin. Works with ODEON 15 and 16

You can download the plugin from SketchUp Extension Warehouse or directly from the button below.

Please read the pdf file with instructions for installation and instructions.

SU2Odeon 2.02, for use with ODEON 15 or 16 and SketchUp 8.

SU2Odeon 1.09, for use with ODEON 10 to 14. Compatible with SketchUP from 2013 up to 2017 (Pro and Make) and 2018 (Pro).

3D models and ODEON

Importing from SketchUp is one of the most efficient ways to get a model in ODEON, but not the only way. Below several other options to handle 3D models for use in ODEON are illustrated (read more in the User’s Manual):