Odeon installations & Updates

The latest version 18 has been published in November 2023 and includes several new features, which you can read more about on here.

Please note: ODEON is meant to work as a locally installed application. This means that server installation or remote desktop control are not possible. Read more here.

Installation of ODEON is done in two steps: First, you need to make sure your dongle is up-to-date, then you can install ODEON on your PC.

Step 1: Make sure your dongle is up-to-date

The full ODEON installation runs only with a R6 smart dongle, which you receive with every new license.

The dongle needs to be up-to-date with your ODEON installation. Click Tools > License information to check which version your dongle is valid for.

If your dongle is valid for the installation on your PC, then high five! If not, please update your dongle.


Step 2: Install ODEON 18 on your PC

Full installers

Use the full installers for a complete new ODEON installation.

  • Download the file, unzip it, and run the executable file to Install ODEON in your PC.
  • For ODEON Auditorium and ODEON Combined you may wish to download additional anechoic recordings and rooms packaged as ODEON Zip Archives.

Latest service patch 18.01

Use the service patch only if you have made a full installation first. You can always perform your update by re-running the full installer  – it just takes a bit more time. The latest service patch 18.01 was released in December 2023. 

  • Download and run the relevant patch e.g. Odeon18CombinedInstall_18.01Patch.exe.
  • Running the updater will not erase your room data.

Older Versions

If you do not have a valid license for ODEON 18, but an older version, you may still download updates and full installation for the following. Be aware that you still need valid licenses for older versions.