Support and Maintenance Agreement

Get most out of your Odeon license by having a support and maintenance agreement.

The support agreement with Odeon is your way to make sure to get help when needed. This can both be used if you are having general problems using the software, or if you want help with a specific case.

Included in this agreement is software maintenance, which means you can always run the latest version of Odeon.

The support team is, for the most part, the same as the development team of Odeon and all educated acoustical engineers. So the help is as good as it gets.

The support is mainly done by mail, but phone or shared-screen-call is also available for special cases (in our office opening hours). Odeon includes the possibility to make zip-files of your projects, so you have the opportunity to send us the model in question and we can run it here.

For questions on sales please contact us at
For technical issues please send an email to