Learn to use Odeon

Start your tour in ODEON by reading the Quick Start Guide or watching the Video Tutorials.To learn about the calculation principles and to learn more about the functionality in Odeon read on in the Full manual.

The ODEON program comes with a help facility that appears in the program, when you press F1. To open the manual from within the ODEON program, press Shift+F1.

Always make a quality check of your model e.g. using this checklist.

If you are having specific questions you could look at our Frequently Asked Questions. For any questions you can’t find the answer to, please send an email to support@odeon.dk.

If you have problems with a specific room setup and you have a valid support agreement, we advise you to create a zip archive folder from the ODEON file menu (File|Zip|Create ziparchive – the select room files when prompted) and attach the archive file (e.g. RoomName.OdeonZipArchive) to an email with your questions. The ODEON support team will, of course, keep the room model confidential.