Learn to use ODEON

Learn the basics of ODEON in just a couple of hours via an example, in order to start working on models right away!

Read about the functionalities in ODEON and the calculation principles, in detail.

Don’t feel like reading? Don’t fret, we also have a selection of instructional videos covering a wide range of topics!

Learn about the basic principles and important terms in room acoustics, such as reverberation time, early vs. late reflections, and scattering.

Read about the principles of auralisation, and the different auralisation methods available in ODEON.

Read general guidelines for making room acoustic models and importing 3D models into ODEON.

Look up answers to typical inquiries and difficulties. However, also remember to always make a quality check of your model using this checklist.

Find application notes on interesting room acoustics problems which serve as guides for similar projects.