ODEON Omni is a light-weight, wireless omni-directional sound source, for room impulse response measurements. The source is now available for purchase. A specification sheet is available further below.

You may send your inquiries to our e-mail address sales@odeon.dk

Price: 4160 EUR / 31200 DKK.


  • Built-in amplifier.
  • Pre-installed internal batteries. Charged in place with external cable.    
  • Total weight: 1.5 Kg.
  • Bluetooth and cable connectivity.
  • Frequency range: 63 – 8000 Hz Octave bands. 
  • Works standalone: does not require ODEON Room Acoustics Software
  • Inverse spectrum filter file and pre-calibration file for G and STI available for download

Odeon omni inverse spectrum filter file (Spherical average)

To be used with the ODEON Sweep measuring system. 

Download the file and paste it in the following folder:

ProgramData > Odeon > MeasurementFilters > Output

You can access the ODEON’s program (application) data folder easily from within ODEON, as shown in the first screenshot below. You then navigate to MeasurementFilters > Output.

The file will become available to select from the Output Device -> Inverse filter drop down.

Odeon omni pre-calibration file (for Sound strength and STI measurements)

Use the file to perform an in-situ correction, without the need for a full calibration procedure, in case you want to measure Sound strength (G) and Speech Transmission Index (STI). You can use your own microphone and equipment. The in-situ correction itself ensures that levels are normalized automatically within ODEON.

Please note: At the moment it is recommended to use a cable when you perform calibrated measurements with Odeon Omni. The Bluetooth connection can occasionally become unstable, resulting in some variation of the levels in the final impulse response. This does not affect the rest of the Room Acoustic Parameters, but it can affect G and STI which depend strictly on the actual level of the impulse response.  

The file should be available in your ODEON’s default list of .2StCalibration files (see the following screenshot). Otherwise, you can download, unzip and copy-paste it into the Program data>Odeon>Calibrations folder. 

The distance for your in-situ correction should be 70 cm from the centre of the Odeon Omni source. It is recommended to measure at 4 to 8 points around the source, horizontally, to reduce any fluctuations in the results. 

Read more about the process in the following documents:

Sound strength measurements using a pre-calibrated omni-directional source (publication, 2023)

Impulse response measurements calibrations (Application note, 2020)

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