Video Tutorials 

Manual and/or automatic subtitles in your language will be available in our YouTube videos. Those with the text “English & Spanish subtitles” in the thumbnail will have manual English and Spanish subtitles. In any other cases, the subtitles will be auto-generated and will not be 100% accurate.

To enable subtitles within YouTube:

  1. Press the Subtitles button at the bottom-right section of the video frame (either of these icons:  )
  2. To select the language, click on Settings , then on “Subtitles/CC”
  3. For auto-translations to other languages (may not be available in mobile devices), within Settings > Subtitles/CC, click on “Auto-translate” (only shows after enabling subtitles)
Videos can also be slowed down in YouTube, which can make it easier to watch the video and read the subtitles simultaneously. To do this, click on Settings, then on “Playback Speed”.


See videos to get an introduction of ODEON and for getting started with using the software.                                                                                                                

Other ODEON Tools

Additional to the most used acoustical simulation tools, ODEON has much more to offer. See videos of larger features of ODEON that you might have missed.

Setting Up Simulations

In order to make acoustical simulations in ODEON, you need to import a geometry and make some important setups.                                                                                                          

Results from Simulations

From the acoustic calculations in ODEON, you can get the acoustics displayed in a huge range of results, depending on the purpose and who it will be shown to.

Lectures and Research

Lectures and other videos with a more scientific background on room acoustics and room acoustic simulations.