Video Tutorials 

All our YouTube videos have manual English and Spanish subtitles available. Auto-translations to other languages are also available, which may not be 100% accurate, but still possible to follow.

To enable subtitles within YouTube:

  1. Press the Subtitles button at the bottom-right section of the video frame (either of these icons:  )
  2. To select the language, click on Settings , then on “Subtitles/CC”. “Auto-translate” for other languages only shows after enabling subtitles.
Videos can also be slowed down in YouTube, which can make it easier to watch the video and read the subtitles simultaneously. To do this, click on Settings, then on “Playback Speed”.

Starting with ODEON

Get a general introduction of ODEON’s workflow and features, and learn the steps required to produce your first results.

Real room acoustic measurements

Additional to the most used acoustical simulation tools, ODEON also has tools to measure and analyse real rooms, such as a sine sweep generator, impulse response analysis, and calibrating models to measured data.