What would you like to download?

Try all the features available in the ODEON room acoustics simulation and measuring software, using the geometries supplied with it.

Download stand-alone installers and patches for the latest ODEON versions, free of charge. Be sure to select the Edition and Version supported by your dongle.

Download the SU2ODEON plug-in for Trimble Sketch-up, the best and most efficient way to create room models for ODEON.​

Learn the basics of ODEON in just a couple of hours via an example, in order to start working on models right away!

Read about the functionalities in ODEON and the calculation principles, in detail.

Packaged ODEON room models that include geometry, setup, and anechoic recordings for auralization. The anechoic recordings can then be used in any other room model.

Can be combined with anechoic recordings for the creation of auralizations, multisource auralizations and soundscapes.

Links to CF2 and CF1 loudspeaker directivity files, compatible with ODEON, and a couple of .SO8 directivity files available for download, which can all have a considerable effect on simulations.

A collection of links to manufacturers with material datasheets, some of which allow to easily import lists of absorption coefficients into ODEON.