ODEON 15 Released!

The new version includes great features from grid interpolation to audio effects.

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Room acoustics software

The professional solution for room acoustics in any building

Simulations and measurements

Make simulations of acoustics in 3d models. Or measure the acoustics in real rooms.

Powerful tools

All the tools you could wish for. Giving easy workflow and accurate results.

Report and listen to the acoustics

Obtain full sets of room acoustic parameters, in tables, graphs and sound maps. Even listen to the acoustics with any audio file.


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ODEON as a research tool

As we all know there are so many acoustical parameters for designing a hall and they cannot be predicted by formulas. Therefore, design software has become an important and useful tool. ODEON software has been… “ODEON as a research tool”

ODEON for comprehensive acoustic calculations

Saint-Gobain chooses ODEON to carry out comprehensive acoustic calculations in order to evaluate the performance of Saint-Gobain products. ODEON appears to be a flexible program that evaluates both transmission and absorption of products in real… “ODEON for comprehensive acoustic calculations”

Gérald Mercier, Development Engineer

ODEON for performing arts buildings

Odeon is a very important tool for us when working on Performing Arts buildings. It enables us to gain a deeper understanding of the acoustical performance of a space at the design stage than we… “ODEON for performing arts buildings”

Powerful auralisation tools in ODEON

Our society was asked to create a big rehearsal room for a 100+ man wind instrument orchestra. The restraints were to leave the wall architecture untouched, and use a material with a wood finish. The… “Powerful auralisation tools in ODEON”

Matteo Novembri, Advanced Technologies S.r.l.

Accurately models and predicts complex volume spaces

I have been using Odeon and other room acoustics modelling packages throughout my 15 year career. When the time came to choose a package for my own company to use, I had no hesitation in… “Accurately models and predicts complex volume spaces”

Susan Witterick, Director

An indispensable tool

To me, ODEON is an indispensable tool both for general room acoustics and for performing-art spaces in particular. So far its development has proved to fit our growing demands in design projects. Every new feature… “An indispensable tool”

Magne Skalevic, Sr. Acoustic Consultant

I had no hesitation in selecting Odeon

“I have been using Odeon and other room acoustics modelling packages throughout my 15 year career. When the time came to choose a package for my own company to use, I had no hesitation in… “I had no hesitation in selecting Odeon”

Susan Witterick, dBx Acoustics

ODEON makes design engineers into acousticians

I have bypassed media management to my working group so everyone can see Odeon tutorials on YouTube. I am very passionate on this matter and have heard myself say: “The people working with Odeon need… “ODEON makes design engineers into acousticians”

Martin Lerbæk, M.Sc. Acoustician

Complex geometry made simple

Last week at Forum Acusticum I bumped into Gry Bælum Nielsen from ODEON. We started discussing how different room acoustic simulation software handle complex geometries. After she’d claim that such process in ODEON is as… “Complex geometry made simple”

Jonathan Sheaffer, Postgraduate Researcher

Public address and voice alarm systems

Atkins has used Odeon to assess speech intelligibility performance of PA/VA systems of various stations and airports (Dubai Metro Stations, Bond Street Extension, Blackfriars Stations, Jeddah International Airport are among our projects with Odeon). We… “Public address and voice alarm systems”

Konca Şaher, Principal Acoustic Consultant

Efficient data-exchange for beam steered arrays

We are very pleased with the Odeon interface; it’s very elegant, accurate and simple to use. The ability to import multiple XML files into Odeon at once means that the whole process is very efficient… “Efficient data-exchange for beam steered arrays”

Dr. Evert Start, R&D Engineer

Gradual learning curve and reliability

As an acoustical software package, ODEON stands out for its gradual learning curve and reliability. Thanks to the flexible user interface and variety of data presentation options, it easily integrates into project workflows. Clients definitely… “Gradual learning curve and reliability”

Ryan Bessey, Acoustic Engineer

ODEON – a precondition for good acoustics

In our work with the new Oslo Opera, Odeon has been of decisive importance, and it has been a great support for our evaluations and recommendations. I think we can say that Odeon has been… “ODEON – a precondition for good acoustics”

Lars V Strand, Principal

ODEON for industrial and room acoustics

ODEON is a suitable tool for prediction of acoustic adjustments in industry. The selection of noise sources as well as the possibility of assigning transmission indexes to the bounding wall setups are excellent tools for… “ODEON for industrial and room acoustics”

Martin Jedovnicky, AkuDesign

ODEON helps Music Technology students learn about acoustics

“Rather than learning from a theoretical perspective alone, it is much easier for students to understand the effects of acoustical structures and treatments by creating and exploring realistic simulated examples. Because our students are studying… “ODEON helps Music Technology students learn about acoustics”

The all-round acoustics tool

The efficient auralisation tool allows us to demonstrate the effect of proposed acoustic treatments to our clients and architects. We use Odeon not only for speech and music auditoria; but for tasks as diverse as… “The all-round acoustics tool”

Anders Christian Gade

Learn acoustics with ODEON

I have been using ODEON software as an educational and research tool at Middle East Technical University since 2003. In graduate courses I offer at The Department of Architecture students model assigned projects using ODEON.… “Learn acoustics with ODEON”

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Çalışkan

Realistic listening stimuli

In our research, Odeon software has been validated as a powerful tool for audiological research, in particular to evoke a variety of virtual acoustical scenarios, allowing to test in a flexible way people’s ability for… “Realistic listening stimuli”

Dr. Monika Rychtarikova

Listen to the acoustic effect of design decisions

The Oslo Opera House has been widely praised for its acoustics by singers, musicians, conductors, audiences and critics. Arup Acoustics used Odeon to analyse and refine the acoustic design of the main opera theatre. Over… “Listen to the acoustic effect of design decisions”

Rob Harris

A tool for architectural research and education

I have been using ODEON software as an educational and research tool at the Department of Architecture and Industrial Design of the Second University of Naples (Italy) since 2003. In graduate courses I offer model assigned… “A tool for architectural research and education”

Prof. ing. Gino IANNACE phd, Department of Architecture and Industrial Design

ODEON has served our needs very nicely…

“I’m very impressed with their architectural acoustics model.  After carefully considering three or four similar packages, we (PB, now WSP) decided to standardize on the ODEON Industry Version for all our US offices. It’s served… “ODEON has served our needs very nicely…”

Erich Thalheimer

Acoustical Simulations and Measurements

Odeon is state-of-the-art software developed for simulation and measurement of room acoustics. Read more about the software in the product section and read What is Odeon. After 30 years of development, Odeon is the choice of professional acoustics consultants and acoustical researchers.

Through optimized tools, Odeon makes designing room acoustics easy, fast and accurate.

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