Acoustic research projects

Through the more than 30 years of development, Odeon has made lots of acoustic research, much of it in cooperation with universities and other companies. The acoustic research projects spans from listening to the acoustics through auralisations, simulation of loudspeaker arrays, effects of diffusers and much more.


Projects and cooperations

  • Cooperation with Acoustic Technology at DTU. Effects of different diffuser types on the diffusivity in reverberation chambers.
  • Research cooperation with Aalto University, Department of Media Technology, Finland, on auralisation of musical instruments and symphony orchestra.
  • The implementation of array loudspeakers into the ODEON software was developed in cooperation with Duran Audio, who were expert in high frequency beam steered loudspeaker arrays, now acquired by HARMAN.
  • Science and Heritage Research Cluster initiated by University of Huddersfield. Acoustic and Music of British Prehistory Research Network. A interdisciplinary network for investigation of best practise and methodology in Neolithic Acoustics.
  • COST research cooperation on “Soundscape of European Cities and Landscapes”. Aiming at providing the unpinning science and practical guidance in soundscape to support designers and decision makers in planning and reshaping urban/rural spaces.
  • Research cooperation with University Nebraska, Omaha. – Auralisations using Directional Sources in Computer Modelling of Room Acoustics. – Scattering in Architectural Acoustics
  • AMFF Project: Limiting the Annoying Noise in Open Plan Offices – New Ways and Methods.
  • HEARCOM – Research cooperation on EU-project through the Technical University of Denmark. – Many people experience severe limitations in their activities, caused either by a hearing loss or by poor environmental conditions. The HearCom project aims at reducing these limitations in auditory communication. Through the Technical University of Denmark, Odeon A/S is a subcontractor to this project.



Previous larger research projects

CAHRISMA (2000 – 2003) Anechoic recordings from Università di Ferrara. The main focus within the project was to introduce the concept of Hybrid Architectural Heritage being a new way of identification that covers acoustic as well as visual features. The examples studied in the project are some Byzantine churches from the sixth century and some Mosques by the famous Turkish architect Sinan from the sixteenth century.

DOREMI (2002 – 2003). The main objective of this project was to develop and optimize a multi-channel recording method for musical instruments in an anechoic environment.

ERATO (2003 – 2006) Anechoic recordings from Università di Ferrara. The main objectives of this project were identification, virtual restoration and revival of the acoustical heritage in a few, selected examples of the Roman theatre and the roofed odeum in a 3D virtual environment. The virtual restitution integrates the visual and acoustical simulations, based on the most recent results of research in archaeology, theatre history, clothing, theatre performance and early music.