Impulse Responses

Impulse Response

Since version 12, ODEON has been equipped with a powerful impulse response measuring system that is described in Chapter 12 in the manual and on our tutorials page. The measuring system in ODEON can load any impulse response recorded in .wav format. Some examples can be downloaded from this page and can be used in combination with the virtual models available with the ODEON installation.

Impulse response downloads

Auditorium 21 at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Measured using the sweep generator in ODEON and a sweep length of 4 seconds.

Byzantine church Hagia Sofia, modelled as part of the CAHRISMA project.

Outdoor corridor flutter echo, B-format impulse response measured with Zoom H3-VR microphone, as shown in our video about ambisonic measurements with ODEON. Download includes model of the outdoor corridor as an ODEON Zip Archive.

Recordings of hand-clapping in a room can work quite satisfactory if not carrying the full equipment (laptop, omni-directional speaker, microphone) with you. Using a small microphone plugged into a smart phone or using just a mobile recorder can be adequate for capturing the sound behavior of the room, by utilizing hand-clapping or balloon explosions as the stimuli. The .wav recording can easily be processed inside ODEON afterwards with the Load Impulse Response tool. Below you can download a .wav recording of hand claps in a series. ODEON detects and isolates the hand clap that gives the highest signal to noise ratio.

Hand-clapping downloads

Series of hand-claps. ODEON detects and isolates the hand clap that gives the highest signal to noise ratio.