Acoustics Simulation Software

  • State of the art auralisation
  • ODEON algorithms for reliable results
  • Ease and flexibillity in room modelling
  • Optimized for high calculation speed
  • Equipped with an impulse response measuring system

The ODEON software is developed for simulating and measuring the interior acoustics of buildings. With the appropriate treatment, outdoor situations can be studied as well. Given the geometry and materials (surface-properties), the acoustics can be predicted, illustrated and listened to. Sound reinforcement is easily integrated into the acoustic predictions. ODEON uses the image-source method combined with a modified ray tracing algorithm.

ODEON workflow

Working in ODEON is based on a “trial and error” principle. This means that the user has to decide on some initial geometry, source/receiver positions and materials. A first simulation is performed by ODEON providing results in form of common acoustic parameters, grid colour maps or auralisation. The user needs to evaluate the results and repeat the process if needed, by modifying any of the input data. The following chart sums up the workflow in ODEON:

Applications include

  • Concert and opera halls, theatres, churches and mosques
  • Open plan offices, foyers, restaurants, music studios
  • Underground and railway stations, airport terminals
  • Industrial Environments, Outdoor areas with complicated geometry

ODEON is available in four editions

The Basics edition that gives a collection of the ODEON powerful tools in affordable cost. ODEON basics comes with a measuring system and basic simulation tools. The computation engine and accuracy is exactly the same as in the other editions.

The Industrial edition for environmental acoustics where SPL, SPL(A), T30 and STI are the important results. It allows modelling of point, line and surface sources, with possibillity to model large and complex sound sources.

The Auditorium edition for a large set of room acoustical parameters based on the reverberation curve. It has a variety of graphical and auralisation tools.

The Combined edition includes all the features found in the Basics, Industrial and Auditorium editions.

Interested in more information about ODEON? Then browse through the demo, download the free trial or visit our publications page.