The quality of indoor acoustics is an often-neglected aspect of architectural design, yet it is a vital factor in the level of comfort we experience in a room, especially one where a large number of talking people is expected.

When eating in a restaurant, it is expected to be able to peacefully enjoy the meal and have a nice conversation with your friends. Unfortunately, the lack of acoustic considerations in the design phase can result in a very chaotic and uncomfortable experience. It is very tricky to acoustically treat a restaurant because at the same time you wish to understand people from your table with little effort, one also wouldn’t like it to be so quiet that people from other tables could also easily understand what you and your friends are talking about.

While the Czech legislation does not have any requirements for indoor acoustics, DEKPROJEKT made sure to account for acoustics from the design phase.


DEKPROJECT has used ODEON Auditorium in order to assess not only reverberation time, but also speech clarity, music clarity, and noise level, before and after their proposed acoustic solution.

Noise level [dB] in the area of ​​the Mlýnec restaurant (90% occupancy) – without acoustic adjustments

Noise level [dB] in the Mlýnec restaurant (90% occupancy) – after acoustic adjustments