Dongle license

To run ODEON you need a USB R6 smart dongle license, plugged on your PC. The dongle needs to be up-to-date with the ODEON edition/version you are using. If you have updated your dongle already, you can install the desired edition from the ODEON installations & updates page.


Update your dongle

To update your dongle you need to download a .cif update file sent by email. If you have valid support, you will automatically get the .cif update file when a new major version is released.


Download the update file

  1. Extract the update file from e-mail to your hard disk e.g. to your desktop.
  2. Attach your ODEON dongle to the USB port on the PC.
  3. Run the ODEON program.
  4. Click Tools>Download license update to dongle (.cif).
  5. Select the file using the Select license update file (.cif) dialogue. Click Open.


If you don’t have an update file

  1. If you cannot find an update email or the update file and you still have valid support, click Tools>Generate remote update request file (.req).
  2. Choose update to most recent version of Odeon.
  3. Leave the rest options as they are and click OK.
  4. Send the generated .req file to and ask for an update.
  5. Follow the steps above, under Download the update file to complete the update.

Install the correct ODEON installation

After the dongle is updated, you can install the compatible ODEON version using the button below.  The dongle supports all ODEON versions up to the latest one. For example, if you update your dongle for ODEON 18, you can also run ODEON 17, 16 etc. All previous ODEON installations can coexist on your PC without problems. 

If you need to update edition, user name or time limitation


It is not necessary to generate a remote update request file, to upgrade to a different edition. Just send a mail to

User name

For copy protection, your user name and country is embedded in the dongle. If you wish to change your user name, you can check the box called: Update user name in the Update request menu above (Tools>Generate remote update request file (.req)). The user name can only be updated separately from the other updates. When you send the request file to, you should write the user name you wish in the email.

Time limitation

When your dongle is delivered it will probably contain a time limitation. Normally the time limitation can be removed without sending an remote update request, but in some cases it is necessary. Then check the box: Remove time limitation if this has been agreed with Odeon A/S. If it has been agreed to update the time limitation for a number of hours for some reason check the box: Update time limitation and write the number of hours requested. Send the remote update request file to

You can always see how much time is left on your time limitation from Tools|License information. The time limitation only counts hours, when ODEON is in calculation mode.

Calculation mode means when ODEON is running jobs from the job list, Quick estimate, Global Estimate, 3DGeometry Debugging, 3DBilliard, Investigate Ray Tracing. If more than one instance of ODEON is performing calculations at the same time, time runs faster. During the modelling process, when using modelling programs, importing geometries, viewing geometries etc. ODEON does not at all use ‘hours’