Tutorials on Rays and Billiards

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3D Investigate Rays and 3D Billiard

3D Investigate Rays and 3D Billiard are tools that not only allow you to visualise how sound propagates in your room model, but also allow you to identify model issues such as holes in the geometry and whether your source position is appropriate, as well as acoustic effects such as flutter echoes and focusing.

0:00 Intro
1:31 Setting up 3D Investigate Rays
2:37 Running 3D Investigate Rays
3:58 Additional settings for rays
5:16 3D Billiard
6:03 Billiard radiation planes
7:23 Restart, run, stop, steps
7:52 Reflectors and toggle surfaces
8:38 Number, size, and speed of billiards
9:40 Visualising absorption
10:45 Changing color scale and source
11:07 Outro