What is ODEON?

ODEON is the most comprehensive software for room acousticsUse the ODEON software for simulating and measuring the interior acoustics of buildings. With the appropriate treatment, outdoor situations can be studied as well. Given a 3d-model and materials (surface properties), the acoustics can be predicted, illustrated and listened to. Sound reinforcement is easily integrated into the acoustic predictions. ODEON uses the image-source method combined with a modified ray tracing algorithm.

ODEON is known for its easy workflow, fast calculation times and high accuracy. The easy workflow makes it fast to begin using for the most common tasks, the fast calculation time makes iterative design processes possible, and the high accuracy makes it trusted by a large community of engineers worldwide. 

Brochure. The information in this page is also available in our four-page brochure, which summarizes ODEON’s capabilities and editions.

What can you do in ODEON?

In ODEON you can work with room acoustics in  an almost endless number of ways, depending on your purpose. The most common would be:

  • Make simulations of acoustics from 3D models, and display them in numerous ways
  • Measure the acoustics in real rooms, and get a range of results immediately
  • Listen to the acoustics of 3D computer models with the auralization options.

For what type of rooms?

ODEON can be used for medium-sized rooms and larger. While not designed for very small rooms like bathrooms, it is perfect for: 

Available in Four Editions

Every new version of ODEON comes in four editions with different features available.

All editions have the same calculation algorithms, the differences are in what results will be available from these calculations.
ODEON editions

The Basics edition gives a collection of ODEON's powerful tools at an affordable cost. ODEON basics comes with a measuring system and basic simulation tools. The computation engine and accuracy is exactly the same as in the other editions.

The Industrial edition is for environmental acoustics where SPL, SPL(A), T30 and STI are the important results. It allows modelling of point, line and surface sources, with possibillity to model large and complex sound sources.

The Auditorium edition is for a large set of room acoustical parameters based on the reverberation curve. It has a variety of graphical and auralisation tools.

The Combined edition includes all the features found in the Basics, Industrial and Auditorium editions.

Video Tutorials

It can be difficult to learn a new engineering software, but tutorial videos help a lot. We have a large, and growing,  library of tutorial videos for  many of the options in ODEON.  

Additionally, our quick start guides, manual, and great support crew will make sure you learn what you need. 


When working in ODEON the design process can be iterative (trial and error), trying out different materials, sound sources, result options, parameters, etc. This is possible because of the fast calculations based on the strong algorithms of the software. See the flowchart of the workflow of simulations in ODEON on the image. However, when working with measurements or other applications, the workflow will be different.