Ambisonics is a full sphere surround sound format, which can be used for spatial sound analysis. Below you will find a short explanation of ambisonics, and how to perform ambisonic measurements in ODEON.

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What is ambisonics B-format and spherical harmonics?

0:00 Intro
0:34 Binaural auralisation
1:00 Ambisonics vs. binaural
2:20 Spherical harmonics
3:31 1st order ambisonics
4:15 A-format and B-format
5:01 2nd order ambisonics
5:29 Ambisonics frequency range
5:52 B-format impulse responses in ODEON
6:34 Loading and playing B-format in ODEON
7:33 Outro

Ambisonic measurements with ODEON

ODEON supports B-format ambisonic measurements, allowing you to produce spatial results such as intensity hedgehogs and lateral energy fraction. The measurement procedure is especially easy when using the Zoom H3-VR recorder, which is compatible with ODEON.

0:00 Intro
0:14 Brief explanation of ambisonics
1:39 Zoom H3-VR microphone
3:18 Ambisonic measurement setup
6:37 On-site inspection of measurement
7:36 Loading the B-format impulse response
10:13 Intensity hedgehog
14:21 Lateral energy fraction
15:56 Auralisation with B-format
17:16 Inserting hedgehog into room model
19:19 Outro